Our Philosophy

INDEPENDENCE | As an independent firm we are not tied to sales quotas and have no obligations to product manufacturers. This allows us to put your best interests first.


At Summit Wealth Management our compensation is tied to how well we meet your stated objectives over time, which not only makes us accountable to you, but removes any potential conflicts of interest in the advice we provide. Since we’re not product manufacturers or distributors, and are not compensated on a transaction basis, we are able to maintain full objectivity throughout the planning and investment process.

  • As an independently owned and operated financial services firm our independent structure eliminates conflicts and distractions often encountered by advisors operating within large corporate or Wall Street firms.
  • We answer directly to our clients, not to a corporate parent or to stockholders.
  • This enables us to provide unbiased financial advice while making the best choices for our clients, tailored to their individual needs and situations.
  • We believe it is in our clients’ best interests to manage their assets in a discretionary manner, without any restrictions and with full access to some of the most useful and dependable research and financial products available in the industry today.